Technology // Aktiv Fork

The bottom line is the feel of the ride

TIME has a history of making the best forks in the industry, and our AKTIV Fork proudly carries on this tradition. Focusing on comfort, performance and precision handling, the AKTIV Fork has a special appearance that will offer an equally special ride. But that’s no accident since our developers spent years researching and testing how best to mitigate fatigue-causing road vibrations.

Reducing vibration, increasing comfort

Specially designed by TIME using proven vibration reduction engineering techniques similar to those used in F1 and automotive designs, the AKTIV Fork conceals an innovative tuned mass damper that neutralizes a measure of road noise before it travels to your hands and arms.

Leveling out the road surface

Vibrations between 25 and 50Hz – such as those felt on rough chip seal pavement – cause a corresponding counter-movement of the small weight concealed inside the fork leg that cancels some of the input.

Unlike polymer inserts or springs, AKTIV does not interfere with the bike’s handling or cause a vague feeling at the bars. AKTIV is incredibly light and sleek, providing real anti-fatigue benefits with a minimal weight penalty. It’s easy to see how even this small increase in comfort aboard your TIME can lead to a better experience on the road.